Free2move Charge

Enjoy the smart way to keep you powered with Free2move Charge. Whether at home, on the go, or for your business, we provide integrated and tailored charging solutions. Join our community and always be charged. Find out more.

Charge: Home

Get comfortable with Free2move Charge Home: the complete suite of products, energy solutions, software, installation services, and customer care. Easy-to-use and accessible to help your daily charging stress-free.

EV Charger
Free2move Charge App

Charge: Go

Charge away from Home with a holistic network solution at minimum friction. GO offers accessibility, simplicity, and peace of mind for unlimited travel freedom. Connect to public charging stations through an extensive partner network - consolidate your EV charging into a single, convenient app (coming soon!). Free2move Charge GO keeps you charged anytime and anywhere.

Charge: Business

Free2move Charge Business is a one-stop-shop ecosystem for fleet managers.
It offers a full suite of charging and energy services: early-on support, estimates of initial and future running costs, correct sizing of the charging infrastructure, installation, maintenance, and public charging access while on-the-go – all to help you and your business throughout a comprehensive and inclusive fleet electrification process.